Saturday, June 16, 2018

Life Lessons from a Spider

If Little Miss Muffit had not been in such a hurry to run away from the spider who sat down beside her, then she might have been privvy to some pearls of wisdom to help her in the future because we can learn a lot from spiders. Did you know that spiders can construct their webs in zero gravity?
What an example of adaptability is that!
I looked out of the window this morning to see a beautiful example of a spider web that had appeared on my clothesline over night. Since there was no sign of the spider I figured a photograph was in order and it set me to thinking further... How might that be an analogy to help gifted students in their own lives?

 Success only happens with action. Great ideas will not come to fruition unless they are followed up and acted on.  The spider only sits back and waits for its prey when it  has overcome the obstacles involved in building its web. It knows how imperative it is to get started if it wants to eat. 
Persevere with your dreams. Be persistent in your efforts and they will pay off. 
The spider doesn't give up when faced with obstacles.
Imagine the result you are after and keep your focus on getting there even when the going gets tough. Spiders will build and rebuild their webs to attain their goal.
Don't seek approval from those who don't understand or worry about what others think- they are looking through a different lens and the focus is not the same. Just as we do not see the world as the spider does.
Explore new challenges and be prepared to start again if necessary. The spider travels on silken threads and adapts to changing circumstances when faced with forces that it has no control over.  Understand your non negotiable foundation (your silken thread) and be prepared to adapt.
Reshape and rework if necessary to take advantage of changing environments. Have you read the story of Robert the Bruce and the spider?  
Widen your horizons. Think big. Create your own web  and make connections. 
Embrace mistakes and see obstacles as sources of new learning. Spiders don"t give up!
Believe in yourself.  Just as the spider can spin a web that is a resulting miracle of creativity  and design, so can you. Who knows how far your influence will travel?
Every success worth striving for starts with just one action.

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