Friday, June 30, 2017

Invitation to participate.

Dear Reader, 
If you are interested... I would love to issue a challenge to you and anyone else that you would share with...  I am working on a research paper that looks at what it is about gifted teachers that make them really memorable to the learners. Everyone can remember fondly a favourite teacher who made a difference for them at school and I am collecting stories about those people and what it was that they did  to make them so  memorable. If the response is positive then I would use a selection of stories in a proposed book. ( Contributors would not be reimbursed. )  I'm looking for patterns so you don't have to provide names but it would be handy to know the class level that you were in when you encountered that teacher, and approximately how long ago it was. One of the areas I'm interested in is how long the memory of that teacher has lasted. 
If you would like to reply privately then my email contact is 

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